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Mini Air Humidifier Wireless Phone Charger

Mini Air Humidifier Wireless Phone Charger

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The Mini Air Humidifier USB Phone Charger is the perfect product for you. It’s lightweight and compact to take it anywhere with you! This device will not only humidify your room, but it also has a built-in charger that can charge your phone when needed.

  • Wireless charging: Nano humidifier supports wireless charging, and fine mist humidification provides you with the right temperature environment.
  • Wide range of functions: Nano micro-mist supports mobile phone wireless charging, rotary atomization, silent humidification, and intelligent timing function.
  • 5W wireless fast charging, it takes about 3 hours to charge fully. Low-decibel work quietly accompanies you every night.
  • Put the phone on the humidifier, and if the blue light is on, it means the phone is charging.
  • 240ML capacity: 240ML capacity water tank allows the humidifier to continue to humidify for 4 hours. Use a cotton swab for the first time to absorb water for about 10 seconds before spraying.

Package Size: About 20.4 * 17.7 * 12.4cm / 8.03 * 6.97 * 4.88 inches
Product Size: About 14.8 * 11 * 17.2cm / 5.83 * 4.33 * 6.77 inches
Current: 200MA-400MA
Spray Amount: 35mL-45ml / H
Voltage: DC5V
Power: Humidified 1.5-2W; Wireless Charging Mode 5±1W
What’s in the Box:
1x Microwave Heating Cover
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