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Mini Digital Breath Analyzer

Mini Digital Breath Analyzer

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Mini Digital Breath Analyzer is fast, accurate, and easy to use. Simply blow into the device for five seconds and it will tell you your blood alcohol content.

  • Can accurately measure the body alcohol content just by blowing on the instrument.
  • High sensitivity, quick response, USB type c charging, drunk driving alarm reminder.
  • LED Display, instant read,3 lighting modes, without contact, it can avoid bacteria from entering your mouth, safe to use.
  • Portable, lightweight, easy, and convenient to carry.
  • Strong, anti-interference, reusable.

Material: ABS
Interface: Type-C
Storage temperature: -20°C~50°C
Measuring range: 0~0.18%;BAC 0~1.9g/l
Working temperature: -5°C~45°C
Alarm method: Buzzer
Measurement accuracy: 0.01%

What’s in The Box:
1x Mini Digital Breath Analyzer

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