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Mini Portable Powerful Wireless Vacuum Car Cleaner

Mini Portable Powerful Wireless Vacuum Car Cleaner

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This mini vacuum cleaner can easily clean up the dirt, hair, rubbish, and other filth in the car. It works with efficient suction power. It is small and portable, easy to use and carry. It will help you clean the back seats, trunk, and other hard-to-reach areas in your car. It also can be used to clean computer keyboards, car seats, etc.

  • This mini vacuum cleaner is the perfect tool to clean the car and the home.
  • With the vacuum car cleaner, you will be able to remove dirt, dust, pet hair, crumbs, and even liquid spills and marks.
  • It is very useful for protecting your car and keeping it tidy.
  • Deep mites can also be sucked away, every gap.
  • The suction is very clean; the suction is always strong.
  • It can be easily placed in the glove box.
  • Long press the switch can be convenient and practical.
  • Wireless vacuuming is very convenient and easy.
  • Long press to open, easy to use.
  • Mobile phone size, one-handed operation, breaking the shape of traditional vacuum cleaners.
  • Supports repeated disassembly and cleaning, intercepting most debris and foreign objects prevent backflow caused by use.
  • Not a problem to stuck away from the silver coins, easily suck away heavy garbage snacks, soot, rocks, etc.


Power (W): 5w

Voltage (V): 6V

Dust Box Capacity (L): <0.5 L

Installation: USB

Input Voltage: 5V-2A

Charging Time: 2.5 hours

Use Time: 23 minutes

Battery Capacity: 5000MAH

Suction: 4000pa

Package Includes:

1 x Woven Bags

1 x Brush Nozzle

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Flat Mouth Suction

1 x Extension Hose

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