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Mini Wearable Blog Camera

Mini Wearable Blog Camera

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Equipped with a Sony 13mp CMOS sensor, Mini Vlog Camera can achieve high-quality 4k video output and support up to 60fps video recording.

The lightweight body of only 76g with ergonomic design brings not only comfortable handheld feeling but also 3840×2160 video image with 4 times of 1080P HD effect. U3 microSDXC card is equipped to achieve 100MB/s video transmission. Moreover, EP7 also supports the storage capacity of up to 256G for more than 4K videos with HD display.

The head-mounted design brings the same FPV perspective as human eyes during hiking, handmade process, interaction with family, communication with friends, working or teaching and hands can be completely freed in the process of recording. EP7 can be controlled by App through Wi-Fi. Download the tailored Ordro app for EP7 in the IOS and Android app stores and enjoy the images presented by EP7 at any time. Videos can also be edited and shared on social media.

Equipped with a two-axis anti-shake and auto-focus stabilizer, the stability of videos will never be affected due to handshaking so as to achieve smooth and clear video recording. Thanks to Sony high ISO sensor and built-in HDR function, EP7 can provide more details than ordinary effects even in darkness.

Lp65 level waterproof provides perfect rain-proof and dust-proof performance without additional shell protection. The sweat-proof design ensures comfort handheld feeling in outdoor sports. Quarter thread is designed at the bottom of EP7 for connection to a variety of accessories, including the selfie stick or tripod. A stereo microphone with dual-channel is designed for sound recording.

1000mA high-capacity and long-durability battery can support video recording while being charged by a power bank so that you will never worry about power failure.

Streamlined headband design ensures tight contact with the head and ears even wearing glasses. Matte texture surface feels very comfortable and the top is equipped with a physical button for easy shooting with one touch. EP7 is suitable for various applications such as food cooking, vlog shooting, conference recording, working, and teaching.

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