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Multifunctional Foldable Book Holder Stationery Box

Multifunctional Foldable Book Holder Stationery Box

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Multifunctional Foldable Book Holder Pencil Box is the ultimate solution for all your stationery needs! This innovative product is Designed to be a pencil box and a book holder, offers unrivaled convenience and versatility.

Book Shelf: When the pencil box is unfolded, it can be used as a book shelf. Different forms can be switched freely, convenient and practical.
Practical Design: There is a clip at the bottom of the shelf, which is convenient for taking notes when reading, and you can turn the book with one hand.
Stationery Organizer: The pencil case is perfect for organizing your pens, pencils, makeup brushes, office supplies, etc. Keep your desktop organized and tidy.
Writing Board: The pencil box comes with a writing board, which can be used to doodle, calculate, take notes, and record learning content anytime.
As a Gift: It can be given out as a gift for friends. Parents could give it to children as a birthday gift or Christmas gift. Teachers could give it to students as a graduation gift or prize.

Material: ABS+PVC
Folded Size: 9*20cm / 3.54*7.87in
Expanded Width: 36.6cm
Weight: 204g
What’s in The Box:
1x Multifunctional Foldable Book Holder Stationery Box

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