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Multifunctional Universal Wheel Knee Pad Protector

Multifunctional Universal Wheel Knee Pad Protector

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Made from rugged ABS with foam pads to cushion your knees painting, automotive work, laying tile, or other jobs.

Designed to evenly displace weight and lessen pressure on your knee, while fitting the contour of your knee.

Features 3 swivel castors to ensure maximum maneuverability.

Widely used for installing tile, wood floors, carpeting, concrete, and masonry work, painting low places, construction work, auto detailing and maintenance, stocking shelves, gardening, etc.

Material: ABS + Sponge

Size: 30 x 22 x 9.4cm / 11.81 x8.66 x 3.7in

Optional Colors: Yellow, Red, Black

Package Includes: 1 x Pulley Knee Pad

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