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Portable Cartoon Baby Safety Car Seat

Portable Cartoon Baby Safety Car Seat

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The product is designed strictly according to the children’s ergonomics, with many parts of protection and fixation, making your baby more comfortable and safe in the car. It adopts shock protection for the neck, which is breathable, soft and comfortable. It carefully calculates the fitting height to give the baby a comfortable feeling of free adjustment..

  • This product is made of baby skin-friendly fabric, with excellent ventilation and perspiration performance, thick fabric, delicate hand feel, and care for baby’s delicate skin.
  • The back-on Wing has strong stereo perception and natural, safe and comfortable contact.
  • The abdominal pad can not only protect effectively but also let the legs move freely.


Applicable age: 6 months-12 years old

Installation method: forward installation

Applicable weight: 9-36kg

Scope of application: universal for all vehicles, tricycles, automobiles

Size: 30*9*24cm, top height: 44.5cm / 11.81*3.54*9.45in, top height: 17.52in

What’s in The Box:

1x Portable Cartoon Baby Safety Car Seat

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