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Portable Cordless Rechargable Electric Car Washer

Portable Cordless Rechargable Electric Car Washer

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Large Capacity Lithium Battery.

Safe and durable, strong power, long battery life.

The powerful all-copper motor has a continuous supply of power, high-powered speed, sustainable work, and long life without burning.

The outlet pressure is 3~5 times the faucet pressure.

Strong water pressure, cleaning in the height range of 6 to 7 meters is not a problem.

Water outlet Can be connected with extension rods, foam pots, hub brushes, etc.

Rotate the tip according to the needs of the cleaning scene, adjust the water mode at will.

Switch use medium and long grip switch to ensure stable water output.

Water inlet Water pipe interface, tightly sealed and no water leakage.

Product lengthened tip total length 72CM Tip length 43CM Height 23.5CM Spray gun weight is about 1.5KG Spray gun + accessories weight about 4.5KG

Voltage: 12V / 20V

Power: 90W / 110W

Peak pressure: 22 / 24.6 bar

Endurance: 30/50 minutes

Handle type: finger grip belt

Length of water pipe: 5-10m

Motor type: induction motor

Motor characteristics: pure copper material

Water outlet method: direct, fan, fog

Water source: faucet, bucket, etc.

Uses car washing, cleaning equipment, cleaning the courtyard, etc.

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