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Rechargeable LED Sensor USB Headlamp

Rechargeable LED Sensor USB Headlamp

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The headlamp flashlight has an easily adjustable elastic headband and two buckles. Its compact size and IPX4 water resistance are very suitable for running, camping, fishing, and outdoor adventures. (Easily adjusts to hard hats and helmets)

Intelligent sensing technology: Unlike other products on the market, our headlamps are equipped with the latest smart sensors. You can easily control the light on and off by waving your hand. (The induction area is located around the induction switch. When using this function, please turn on the headlamps and the induction switch at the same time)

5 Light modes: The led headlamps can meet various lighting needs. It has 5 lighting modes: COB high mode, COB low mode, XPE high mode, XPE low mode, and strobe mode. You can adjust any light mode through the headlight switch. (Note: in any other mode, long-press the power button for 2 seconds to switch the strobe mode, at this time, the COB and XPE light flash at the same time)

Wide bright beam: The most feedback they have for headlamp users is that the field of view is not wide enough, and the lumens are too low. These light bar headlamps provide an excellent 230° wide-angle field of view and 350 lumens suitable for various outdoor scenes.

USB charging function: The rechargeable headlamp has a built-in 1200mAh lithium polymer battery (rechargeable) and comes with a USB charging cable, which can provide you with a faster charging experience. After charging for 4 hours, it can work for 2.5-8 hours in different light modes.

Light Source: LED Bulbs
Waterproof: Yes
Battery Type: LITHIUM ION

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