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Retro Dragon Boat Incense Burner

Retro Dragon Boat Incense Burner

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It can be utilized as a decorative item in the garden or home and a good yoga meditation aid to relax your body and mind. The retro incense stick holder decoration can serve as a home decoration and as an ideal gift for a friend at a wedding or other special occasion.

CERAMIC MATERIAL: The backflow incense burner is made of ceramic material, handmade and noble.

AT HOME: Lit an incense, warm and comfortable. Before the guest’s visit, a good smell of incense is a courtesy, respect for the guests, and reflects the host’s elegant taste.

IN-OFFICE: Lit an incense, clean air, refreshing, maintaining a pleasant body and mind, improving work efficiency.

READING TIME: Lit an incense while reading a book, while tea can completely relax, improve quality of life.

Smoke backflow feature: The smoke will drip like water and pool into the basin, very relaxing and serene when you watch on it.

Material: Resin

Package Included:
1x Retro Dragon Boat Incense Burner ( No incense )

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