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Universal Digital GPS Speedometer

Universal Digital GPS Speedometer

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It is universally compatible with all cars, trucks, bikes, & motorcycles.

Note: when using with the bicycle, pls use the USB cable connecting with a power bank.

  • GPS speedometer: collecting real-time speed from GPS satellites
  • Driving time and distance calculation and display
  • Plug & play: Power through vehicle cigarette outlet jack; no professional installation is required
  • Bracelet holder includes.
  • Display MPH or KM/h – Simple push-button set up
  • Auto adjust the brightness through sensor for day & night-time driving
  • Over-speed warning: 3-second alarm beep and display flash will warn driver 93 beeps for over-speeding alert)
  • Alarm mute function

Screen display Modes:

Mode A: Single Display Mode – Only speed in full screen

Slide the toggle switch up and hold to see the driving speed only; repeat to see full information display.

Mode B: Multifunctional Display Mode – Speed, Single Driving Time, Single Driving Mileage, and Car Voltage.

Slide the toggle switch down and hold to see the time display at the bottom right corner; repeat to see the altitude display.

Size: 105*59*16.5mm
Working Logic: Get speed from gps satellite

Package Included:
1x GPS Speedometer
1x USB Cable
1x Installation accessories
1x User Manual

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