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Wall Hole Repair Sealing Glue Mud

Wall Hole Repair Sealing Glue Mud

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Wall Hole Repair Sealing Glue Mud is a strong adhesive that will seal any holes in your walls. It can be used on drywall, plaster, and even high-pressure pipes. The product is easy to use – just apply it to the hole and let it sit overnight before painting over it!

  • Easy to use, can be used directly after opening the package.
  • Good plasticity, soft deformation, free plasticity.
  • Comes with cooling glue, it will automatically solidify when the wind blows, and it will be firm and firm after fixing.
  • Sealed and waterproof, anti-smoke and anti-insect, good waterproof, safe use, and no peculiar smell.

Color: Silver gray
Material: Polymer glue + Filling powder
Size: 14*6*2cm

Package includes:
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