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Wardrobe Handbag Organizer

Wardrobe Handbag Organizer

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You can easily find a clothes hanger rack that organizes your wardrobe. But handbag storage is a different matter. You can’t just put your handbag on a shelf and expect it to stay in shape. The Handbag Organizer ensures your bag will be well-presented and protected for the next time you need it. This portable leather handbag organizer comes complete with a number of pockets and straps, so you can wrap it around the area where your bag sits.

Material: Non-woven
6 Pockets Handbag Holder Size: About 35x95cm / 13.78*37.4in
8 Pockets Handbag Holder Size: About 35x115cm / 13.78*45.28in

What’s in The Box:
1x Wardrobe Handbag Organizer

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