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Waterproof Car Side Anti-Fog Mirror Film

Waterproof Car Side Anti-Fog Mirror Film

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Do you find it difficult to drive when it rains or the mirrors are fogged up?

For a better quality of driving comfort, this product is for you!

Easy Installation:

  1. Clean the glass surface to make sure there is no dust or foreign objects
  2. Spray the evenly pure water on the mirror surface.
  3. Tear off the transparent protective film, affixed to the mirror surface
  4. Choose the right position, slowly paste from top to bottom.
  5. Remove air bubbles and moisture with cleaning cloths and scrapers.
  6. Finally, tear the top protect film. Finished.


  • Dimensions(approx.): round 100mm ellipse 100*150mm square 150*200mm(optional)
  • Compatibility: Car/Suv/Truck/Trailer/Home bathroom mirror/Glasses etc.,
  • Function: Anti-fog, anti-glare, anti-mist, waterproof, rainproof
  • Surface: Anti-oil Nano coating

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